Importing Config Files with C# NUnit tests

How to use an NUnit Configuaration file to pass values to a test at runtime? Create your XML Configuration file using the format below. Add your Key,Value pairs in appSettings section Use the correct file name for your config file Add a reference to System.Configuration and add a corresponding using statement Use the ConfigurationManager object […]

Is your JUnit Assert class now deprecated?

Is your JUnit Assert class now deprecated? Well here’s how to fix it. JUnit have moved things around, and as a result the Assert class is now in a different location as and from JUnit 4.11 But fear not, rectifying this is a simple one-liner. Simply change your import statement from to this: Simples!

Setting up Maven on a Mac

When I started researching about Maven (What is it? Why do I need it? What does it do?) I came across a number of webpages that said that Maven came pre-installed on older version Macs. I have Mavericks on my iMac so I wasnt included in the group that came pre-installed with Maven. There are […]

Basic C# NUnit Test Setup

This post will outline the basic structure of how to setup your C# NUnit test. First of all here is the code of the basic empty C# NUnit test file. I’ll explain all of the different parts below. The two attributes [TestFixture] and [Test] are used by the NUnit Framework to indicate that there are […]